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Mel is one of my favorite bloggers.  She’s the mother of four boys and one very red-headed-blue-eyed baby girl.  I’ve tried several of her recipes and love each one.  They’re easy, pretty and satisfying.  Mel blogs almost every day, and she keeps my head spinning.  I’m truly in awe of how she keeps up with everything.

So in a recent post, Mel sent me into another head-spinning, awe-inspired tailspin with her introduction to “Wheat and Wheat Grinding 101.”

wheat and wheat grinding 101

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Wheat and Wheat Grinding 101











I went to college in the early 70’s.  Most everyone I paled around with fantasized about living in a commune, growing their own vegetables, baking their own bread, raising barefoot and unruly haired children, among other things that I’m too modest to mention.  Very romantic. free-spirited, and practical was the promise.   I never lived in a commune, because I wanted shoes on my children who had combed hair, among other things.

However, the independent lifestyle appealed to me, meaning that I was willing to be somewhat self-supporting.  My parents and grandparents grew up during the Depression, so I could attempt a garden and bake.  I watched my mother can sweet ‘n sour pickles and hot banana peppers, so I figured I knew a little about preserving and could learn more.  How hard could it be?  But, after a few delusional summers, I came to the conclusion that all that independence is hard work!  How did my grandparents do it?  I wimped out and went back to my regular grocery store habits.  But, I longed for a time when I could revisit some of my hippie-based fantasies.

Enter Mel and her wheat tutorial.  Eager and hopeful, I read the first in the series.  Yes, I believe I can do this!  (Uh oh – I can hear my daughter’s eyes rolling around, but she’ll be grateful – one of these days, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, I have visited the Wheat Montana retail bakery and store in Three Forks.  I make my husband take me there every time we head west on I-90.  Happily, he indulges me as I wander the shelves and displays – “Spelt?  What is that?”  And the store is awesome.  It’s the first time I’d ever seen whole buckets of wheat berries stacked three high at the front door.  “What the heck is that?  
I want one.”  Afterall, who wouldn’t want a 50 lb. bucket of something from Wheat Montana?

Apparently, grinding your own wheat is not so uncommon as I once thought.  I mean, I’ve seen KitchenAid attachments around for years, but thought who would be nuts enough to use one of those??  According to Mel, It’s not difficult or time consuming.  Hmmm . . . I’m intrigued.

Oh, and this means I can make a trip to my favorite locally owned hardware store that has a housewares collection second to none.  (Alas, I am housewares addicted.)

I’m so looking forward to the rest of the wheat series.  I hope you’ll join me.  Even if you don’t jump in with both feet, as I’m prepared to do, I bet you’ll learn a few things.  Who knows, maybe some of your own long lost passions will be reawakened!

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2 thoughts on “In case you need something to keep you busy . . .

  1. Mel

    Hi Linda! Thanks so much for your sweet shout-out to my wheat post. You are awesome! I hope it’s helpful and hope I don’t prove to be the only wheat grinding nerd out there. By the way, I just looked at your About page and I’ll feel really silly if it’s obvious but do you and I know each other? I’m from Billings originally (went to high school there long time ago) and my parents still live there. Fun to see that connection!

    1. Grannie Geek Post author

      Hey there, Mel! I can tell you’re knowledgeable and passionate about this subject, which is what inspired my post. Afraid I’ve only been in Billings for 10 years, originally from Indiana, and my circle is rather small. It’s fun to think that I might be passing your parents at Costco, or the mall, or at church, huh? For sure, if you ever visited in Billings and our paths would somehow cross, I’d recognize that red-headed sweetheart anywhere. Happy grinding – and good luck on your new web launch!

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