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grannie geek, yummy banana sheet cake

Yummy Banana Sheet Cake  The boys are becoming used to the idea of dessert when they have dinner with their Mimi. I mean, what are Mimi’s for if they can’t indulge their adorable grandchildren.  Right?  So not to disappoint, I whipped up this yummy banana sheet cake with a butter cream cheese frosting over the weekend.   Everyone thought it was a big hit!  Especially the frosting – a thick layer to satisfy anyone’s frosting craving.  More . . .

grannie geek, simple & quick s'more bars

S’mores!   Such a simple and quick way to enjoy a summer treat.  So loved are s’mores, it’s a favorite flavor of coffee, ice cream, breakfast cereal, oatmeal, coffee and coffee creamer, and even vodka.  (Can’t understand the vodka thing – I’ll have to give it a try . . .)  America has a love affair with s’mores.  With this recipe, you can enjoy these tasty treats year ’round.  YEAH!

grannie geek, avocado salsa

Avacodo Salsa  Isn’t Avocado Salsa really Guacamole?  Well, yes.  A new name for a Mexican snack we know so well.  The base begins the same as with any salsa – finely chopped onions, finely chopped jalapeno pepper, chopped and drained tomatoes, lime juice.  But . . .  

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